AAAI 2021 8편의 논문 채택!

KAIST AI대학원 소속 연구자들의 논문 8편이 AAAI 2021 (the Thirty-Fifth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence) 학회에 채택되었습니다.
AAAI는 세계 최고의 인공지능 학술대회 중의 하나로, 2021년에는 2월 2일부터 9일까지 온라인으로 진행됩니다.


채택된 논문 목록:


1. Learning Compositional Sparse Gaussian Processes with a Shrinkage Prior
Anh Tong, Toan Tran, Hung Bui, and Jaesik Choi
2. Characterizing Deep Gaussian Processes via Nonlinear Recurrence Systems
Anh Tong and Jaesik Choi
3. Interpreting Deep Neural Networks with Relative Sectional Propagation by Analyzing Comparative Gradients and Hostile Activations
Woo Jeoung Nam, Jaesik Choi, and Seong-Whan Lee
4. Clinical Risk Prediction with Temporal Probabilistic Asymmetric Multi-Task Learning
Tuan Nguyen*, Hyewon Jeong*, Eunho Yang, and Sung Ju Hwang
5. GTA: Graph Truncated Attention for Retrosynthesis
Seung-Woo Seo, You Young Song, June Yong Yang, Seohui Bae, Hankook Lee, Jinwoo Shin, Sung Ju Hwang, and Eunho Yang
6. Vid-ODE: Continuous-Time Video Generation with Neural Ordinary Differential Equation
Sunghyun Park,* Kangyeol Kim,* Junsoo Lee, Jaegul Choo, Joonseok Lee, Sookyung Kim, and Edward Choi
7. PREMERE: Meta-Reweighting via Self-Ensembling for Point-of-Interest Recommendation
Minseok Kim, Hwanjun Song, Doyoung Kim, Kijung Shin, and Jae-Gil Lee
8. MASKER: Masked Keyword Regularization for Reliable Text Classification
Seung Jun Moon*, Sangwoo Mo*, Kimin Lee, Jaeho Lee, and Jinwoo Shin