Professor Min-Soo Rhu( adjunct prof. in Graduate School of AI) received the Facebook Faculty Research Award

Professor Min-Soo Rhu(Department of Electrical Engineering, adjunct Prof. in Graduate School of AI) received the “Facebook Faculty Research Award”,
which is awarded by the Facebook headquarters. 167 faculty members from 100 universities in 26 countries around the world have applied for the award
and 10 faculty members out of them earned the award. The significance of this award is that Professor Min-Soo Rhu is the only winner in Asia.
It is also the first from KAIST.

Professor Min-Soo Rhu won the award in the “Systems for Machine Learning” area for his research titled “A Near-Memory Processing Architecture
for Training Recommendation Systems”. He will receive a $50,000 prize money that can be used for research. The awarding ceremony will be held
at the “AI Systems Faculty Summit” in fall 2020.

Congratulations again to Professor Min-Soo Rhu!
More information about the award can be found at the link below.

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(※Source of the article : KAIST EE WEBSITE)