Professors Hyun Wook Ka and Young Jae Jang are recipients of the Google Education Grants for AI curriculum development through the KAIST-Google Partnership

Professors Hyun Wook Ka of the School of Transdisciplinary Studies (department head: Jaeseung Jeong) and Young Jae Jang of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering (department head: Taesik Lee) are recipients of the Google Education Grants where they will develop new AI courses integrating the latest industry technology. This collaboration is part of the KAIST-Google Partnership, which was established in July 2019 with the goal of nurturing AI talent at KAIST.


The two proposals — Prof. Hyun Wook Ka’s ‘Cloud AI-Empowered Multimodal Data Analysis for Human Affect Detection and Recognition’ and Prof. Young Jae Jang’s ‘Learning Smart Factory with AI’– were selected by the Graduate School of AI through a school-wide competition in July for about a month. The proposals then went through a final review by Google and were accepted. The two professors will be supported $7,500 each for developing AI courses using Google technology for one year.


Prof. Hyun Wook Ka’s curriculum aims to provide a rich learning experience to students with basic knowledge in data science and AI and help them obtain better problem solving and application skills using practical and interdisciplinary data science and AI technology. Prof. Young Jae Jang’s curriculum is designed to solve real-world manufacturing problems using AI and is field-oriented.


Prof. Young Jae Jang already manages three industry-academic collaboration centers in manufacturing and smart factories within KAIST and plans to develop his courses to go beyond theory and be centered on case studies of solving real-world manufacturing problems using AI. According to Prof. Jang, “Data is at the core of smart factory and AI education, but in many cases there is not enough of it for the education to be effective. The KAIST Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory has a testbed for directly acquiring data generated from real semiconductor automation equipment, analyzing it, and applying algorithms, which enables truly effective smart factory and AI education.”


KAIST signed a partnership with Google in July 2019 to foster global AI talent and is operating various programs to train AI experts and support excellent AI research for two years. The Google AI Focused Research Award supports world-class faculty performing cutting-edge research and has been awarded to professors Sung Ju Hwang of the Graduate School of AI and Steven Whang of the School of Electrical Engineering along with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) credits. The two professors have been collaborating with Google teams since October 2018 and recently extended their projects to continue until 2021. In addition, a Google PhD Fellowship was awarded to Taesik Gong of the School of Computing in October, and three Student Travel Grants were awarded to Sejun Park of the School of Electrical Engineering, Chulhyung Lee of the Department of Mathematical Sciences, and Sangyun Lee of the School of Computing in March. Finally, 5 students were recommended for the Google Internship program in March.